Barcelona Hostel Breakfast

Barcelona Hostel BreakfastHostels are not for everyone. Actually, they’re not for most folks. But if you travel a lot they are almost a necessity. Unless, of course, you have a lot of money. I don’t. That means I need to stay in them to conserve resources. The cost is so much less than a hotel. This is the breakfast at the hostel where I stayed in Barcelona. There was juice, coffee, and tea. There was toast, margarine, and jam. There were apples and bananas. There were two types of sweet biscuits. There was cereal and milk. You could have all you wanted. At least you could have all you wanted between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. That’s when breakfast was available. I’ve seen lots of different breakfasts at hostels from a roll and coffee to a full English breakfast. I consider the breakfast that you see here better than average. Plus, you got all you wanted.

I don’t always stay at a hostel that serves breakfast. Sometimes no hostel in a city serves breakfast. Sometimes all of them do. Sometimes some do and some don’t. If the price of a hostels is the same and as the rest of the hostels in a city and they serve breakfast I’m probably going to take the one that serves breakfast. It can be a deal breaker or maker. I have chosen hostels with no breakfast over hostels that serve breakfast when the costs are significantly different and the cost of the hostel that did not serve a breakfast was a lot cheaper than the cost of a breakfast. I can always pick up a roll and some juice at the supermarket.