Book Summaries

This is a list of book summary publishers. These are the shorter versions of longer works. They are much smaller and less expensive. Book summaries can be great way to find books that might interest you. Generally, books are not summarized by people or companies unless they are popular books. Summaries can also be a good way to find out whether the book is a book you might want to read. The best ways to find book summaries of a particular book is to Google the author or book title along with the terms “key takeaways”, “analysis” or something along that line. Note: These are not recommendations. It is simply a list of resources. Where I have some experience (good or bad) I document my personal experience below the list. Note that the experience is personal, which means you may or may not have the same opinion as I do after working with the site.

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I have had the following experiences:

getAbstract: I found their abstracts to be far too short for my taste. You would be better off going to Amazon and reading some of the reviews of the book.

GetFlashNotes: I thought there was way-too-much emphasis on signing-up for the $29 a month membership on this website. However, if you start digging around you’ll find that there is a lot of free stuff there as well that looks really promising.