Brasov Romania Apartments For Sale

Brasov Romaina Apartments For SaleI saw this sign while I was wandering around Brasov. It was for apartments for sale in the city. It was for a new development. These would have been brand new, under construction, or planned. The prices are in euros. The dollar equivalents were $70.000 and $100,000 for a two bedroom or a three bedroom apartment somewhere in Brasov. What else do I know about these apartments? Not a lot, although I can tell you that these were probably some of the more expensive apartments in the city. They were new in a planned development. I could find lots of apartments in other areas that were definitely not so nice. When I was in Ukraine, my friend Paul was looking for a place to stay and he was hoping to spit rent with someone and he hoped his share would be around $150 a month. I’d call that fairly cheap.