Call to Prayers Rabat

Call to Prayers RabatIt’s a fairly big tower. At the top are loudspeakers. I’m sure that, once upon a time, a man went up there and performed the Call to Prayer five times a day. Today it’s done electronically. I’d personally prefer that a human being do it. If you go to a country that is predominately Muslim you will eventually be awakened by a Call to Prayer. They happen with regularity and start before dawn. Many of the people I know think that all of the people who live in predominately Muslim countries pull out a prayer rug when calls to prayers start and get down on their rug and pray. I can tell you that I’ve been in many Muslim countries and I’ve never seen anyone pull out a prayer rug unless it was in a mosque an area that was set aside for prayers. No one on the street pulls out their rug and starts to pray on a sidewalk. When Call to Prayer starts traffic does not stop. People do not stop what they are doing. Nothing seems to change in the cities I’ve been in. Yes, I’m sure that some people pray but they’ve found themselves a quiet place to worship by the time the Call to Prayer starts. Then again, I’ve never been in Saudi Arabia.