Djemaa El Fna Night Food Market Marrakesh

Djemaa El Fna Night Food Market MarrakeshIt’s something of a long story. This is the short version. I met David in Rabat and we traveled together to Marrakesh. In Marrakesh we got a hostel and that evening we went out to find something to eat. It was my idea to go away from the central square because the shops there looked expensive. After walking, walking, and walking some more, we hadn’t really found anything that looked good at a good price. We wondered why. So, we decided to go back to the main area of the medina and see what we could find. If we found nothing worthy there, we’s come back to one of the places that we had seen on our first run through the area. What we found as manna from heaven. In the main square of the medina of Marrakesh we found the night food market. Here were about 100 vendors selling food. At competitive prices, no less. No wonder there were no places to eat on the outskirts of the main square. They all moved into one spot where everyone could find them. I felt like Moses reaching the Promised Land. Did we chow down? You bet we did and we ate there the rest of the time we were in Marrakesh.