Empty Apartments Downtown Tangier

Empty Apartments Downtown TangierThere were a lot of empty apartments in downtown Tangier. To be blunt, there were a lot of empty apartments everywhere in Morocco. I wondered why. Optimistically, it’s for future growth. But the cynic in me wonders if there isn’t something a little fishy about all those empty units. I’m wondering if the construction companies that built all these empty units aren’t owned by some good old boys, and the government is footing the bill to have the apartments built. I mean, in a world of supply and demand, there’s no way there would be this much supply of relatively new apartment high-rises sitting partially constructed. It’s not like the buildings that you see in the picture were the only buildings I saw in this state. They were everywhere in the country. It just makes me wonder, that’s all. Call me Curious George. I’m just trying to make some sense out of why a country has a bazillion empty apartments that are brand new when people are living in environments where a mouser is a mandatory piece of furniture.