Hostel Patio Rabat

Hostel Patio RabatI have stayed in many hostels and can tell you that each one of them is unique. I think that’s good. I look for uniqueness in the world and I have no trouble finding it wherever I go. But this hostel was one of the most unique hostels I ever stayed in. Why? Because it’s the only one I have ever been locked into. Now I know that some of the hostels lock their doors at a certain hour of the night and people may not be able to get into them if they stay out a the bars until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve seen it happen. Plus they don’t open them until a certain time of the day. But, the people inside could always get out, especially if they had to catch an early bus, train, or flight out of town. But, this was the first hostel I had ever been locked into. I remember getting up my first morning and going out into the beautiful terrace that you see in the picture. I found a place to sit, got out my PC, and went to work. Pretty soon someone got up and wanted to check out. No way. The hostel staff did not open the doors until 8:00 AM. I’m not sure if anyone was actually there. I have to assume there was. Anyway, when the people who wanted to leave at 7:00 found all the doors locked they freaked-totally-out. I mean, they went ballistic. They even wanted me to open the doors – like I was the Emperor of Morocco or something. In the end they cooled their jets. I always suggest reading as much as you can about a given hostel. How did I feel about it being locked into a hostel at night? I simply spent thirty minutes each night chanting “Please God, no fires. Please God, no fires. Please God, no fires…”