Lots of Yachts Antibe France

Yachts in Antibes FranceI went to Cannes, France for the day. I wanted to see it and I wanted to be able to say I’ve been there. It was a nice town. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about but I’d bet that having a few movie stars and a few hundred world celebrities along with boatloads of really, really wealthy people would cause me to change my mind. That being said, this picture is of Port Vauban in Antibes, France. It was on the way back to Nice and people said that I should see the town. Wikipedia says it is the”largest yachting harbour in Europe, with more than 2,000 moorings, can accommodate craft of more than 100 metres. This old port was the heart of the ancient Greek city of Antipolis and has a long and colourful history which includes Ligurians, Romans and Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. Today, it is the largest marina in Europe, serving both local fishing boats and luxury yachts.” For those who don’t know, a hundred metre boat is about 300 feet long. That’s a big bass boat.