Monaco View From Palace

Monaco ViewI spent the day in Monaco. To say it’s nice would be a dramatic understatement. It it the second most expensive one square mile in the world. The Vatican is first but none of that is for sale. ;) According to Wikipedia, the average square foot of Monaco real estate is currently worth about $5,830. Today is also a great day for me as my Flickr Europe 2014 album for finally reached reached 500+ pictures. Why is th and effortat significant? Because it’s something of a milestone. It takes time to take the pictures. It takes time to go through the pictures and pick out the best ones. It takes time to upload them to Flickr. Finally, I take the best of the best and turn them into a blog post. If you’ve never had a blog, let me tell you that it is an investment in time. Do I think it will reap rewards? It already has. Every time that I look at a blog post I remember the experiences that caused me to take the picture along with the events around the picture and my commentary. That alone brings me all the rewards I’ll ever need from my blog.