My Message for America – 2014

American FlagGod blesses America, Notice this is in the present tense. It’s not in the past tense. It’s not in the future tense. It’s now and it always has been now because God has always blessed America and that’s because of what America stand for – hope. America stands for the hope for a better tomorrow. From the days when the Puritans landed until now, America has always stood for the belief that there will be a better tomorrow. Granted, America took away the tomorrow of the Red Man and many of the tomorrows of some black men and women, but you have to ask yourself if the sufferings of our forefathers, all of our forefathers, wasn’t really worth it. Today, America, on its’ 238th birthday, stands at the forefront, at least in my mind, of what’s right in the world. Any man, no matter what his background, can rise to lead our great country. Any man may bear arms, just in case tyranny raises its’ ugly head again. Any man, or woman, may sit down next to me at any lunch counter in this great country, and they can pee beside me as well. Let me just say that I welcome your company. I’m also glad to tell you that your vote, however misinformed, counts just as much as my own informed, and educated, vote, even if you’re a woman. You also have the right to become more wealthy than I am if you want. A lot more wealthy. A shitload more wealthy. I wish you the best of luck if that’s what you feel you need to be. Nothing makes me feel better than to pull up next to a person of color and see that their ride puts my ride to shame. If you don’t want that, you can probably be able to eat with some regularity and still be able to catch all of your favorite shows with your DVR. We have a government that can help you do that and I approve of them doing it. At least you’re not on the streets causing trouble. You’ll also be able to practice your own religion in the country I call home, even if it involves taking strange hallucinogenics and flying higher than a kite. I hope you find your own deity, whatever that is. If you have no deity, that’s cool, too. Our Constitution says so and I approve, even though I don’t feel the same way that you do. Perhaps that’s the most important thing about this country of ours. We allow everyone to be different. We are. and always have been, the melting pot of the world. It seems we almost encourage all those differences. How could that possibly be? Why would one country encourage people to be different? It’s because it’s America and our forefathers built change into the documents that established this country. Hopefully, we’ll always be able to say that we’re older and not the same country that we were yesterday and not the same country that we will be tomorrow. Hopefully, God always blesses America.