Pigeon Food Sibiu Romania

Pigeon Food Sibiu RomaniaIt all started rather accidentally. I bought a couple of pastries for my dinner and as I’m walking away from the bakery a couple of pigeons start following me. I heard one of them say to the other one “Wouldn’t it be nice if he shared.” I don’t know why but I thought it would. So I headed over to the Billa, a grocery store and got a big loaf of bread for a dollar. I took the bread out to the park and started feeding one pigeon. Before I knew it, there were several pigeons. Next thing I knew there’s a couple of dozen feeding off of me. The pigeons were having a great time. I had a lot of bread. Pretty soon the parents started bringing the little kids over to see the pigeons. The little kids loved running through the pigeons. This slowed down the feeding a bit. That was okay as I had to break up the crust a bit as pigeons don’t do well with crust. They want the soft stuff on the inside. Seems pigeons are a lot like people, they want the easy stuff.