Stocks Lesson 18

Dividends. Let’s say I buy a stock for $10 and it pays me $.25 each quarter as a dividend. This means that I am getting a 10% return on my money with no increase in the value of the stock. Dividend stocks are generally thought of as “retirement” stocks. You just hold onto them year after year, living off of the dividends.

You can get dividend history for stocks at Yahoo Finance (many years), (7 years),

The following are some articles about dividend stocks:

16 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks With 50 Years of Increasing Dividends and Market-Beating Performance: This is a good article. It talks about the best of the best in terms of “Dividend Kings” in that the following 16 stocks “have increased their dividend payments each and every year for 50 years in a row.” The stocks are: KO, JNJ, CL, PG, MMM, LOW, GPC, DOV, EMR, PH, AWR, CINF, LANC, NDSN, NWN, and VVC.