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GoEuro Website



My friend Ken came by and we were doing some research on getting from Valencia, Spain to Dresden, Germany. Neither of these two cities are international hot-spots. I figured he was going to be very lucky to get a direct flight. Very lucky. It turns out that there was none and a flight with one stop was going to set him back about $150. I suggested he grab a bus to Barcelona and take a $30 flight from there. After all, he could spend a day or two in Barcelona. As we were searching I ran across a new (for me) website called GoEuro. I liked it. It showed prices for several type of transportation from Valencia to Barcelona. The bus was the cheapest at $9. There was a flight for less than $150 but it took 12+ hours to get there. I wondered if it went through London. Anyway, I wanted to make a note of the website for future reference. After all, I’m thinking about Europe next year.

Rosita Airfare Question

For those of you who are not Rosita, this post is for a friend who asked me a question about flying open-jaw to Asia on her next trip.

I’m honored you should think of me when you are wondering about finding flight to/from Asia. First, I like to fly open-jaw – into one city and back from another – you get to see more because it’s a lot more flexible. If you are making a trip like a circle shape, like circling the Baltic Sea, it’s not important. The problem with open-jaw is that it tends to cost more unless you use air miles. Next, there is no one best web site for finding open-jaw tickets. Each one is different and each one can have the best fare to a particular location on a particular day because airfares change a lot all the time. Also, different sites tend to specialize in differtent areas of the world. Next, it’s almost always better to book with the airlines themselves, if you can. It takes out the middleman who can create another layer if a problem comes up. All that being said, do this: (1) go to skyscanner.com; (2) put in your departure and destination cities; (3) click on depart and then click on Whole Year. Then click Search. This will give you a graphical representation of relative airfares. If you use the “return” option on the first page you get one airline for both ways. If you pick the “one way” option you have to do the whole thing twice – once for going and once for coming back. When you get to the graphical representation you can change months and compare prices for the whole year. If you pick a date for one way you get the prices for one way. If you click a set of dates for return, you get the airlines for the round trip. DO NOT THINK THESE ARE ACTUAL PRICES. THEY ARE ONLY PRICES FOUND WITHIN THE LAST 48-72 HOURS BY OTHER PEOPLE, However, more often than not I find the prices to be good, or good indicators. You can also use kayak.com to do the same thing. Better yet, go to kayak.com/explore and check out the round trips with a couple of clicks. I would think that you could use that to find good one-way costs by calling each airline for depart and return legs of the trip, but I’ve never tried that. I hope this helps. It’s the way I find airfare deals when I’m locked into specific periods of time and I’m going to a specific area of the world. Remember Air Asia and Tiger for flights within Asia, but I’ve use buses and trains in Asia and have no problems with them. Say hi to Bulgan and Rob for me next time you see them. Let me know if you need more opinions about finding airfare deals.