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Nice France Airport Wi-Fi

Nice France Airport Wi-FiIt’s late and I’m in the Nice Airport waiting on the bus that will come and pick me up to take me to Barcelona. I probably should have taken the train but the cheapest I could have gotten a train for was 104 euros and the bus was only sixty euros. Had I booked 30 days ahead of time I could have gotten the bus for 36 euros but that’s another story. Plus, the Continue reading

Malta Airport

Malta AirportThis is the Welcome Screen for the Malta Airport. I’d like to personally thank the operations team at the airport for giving me free Internet access while I waited for my flight to Sicily. Then, I’d like to ask my fellow citizens in (progressive) Norman, OK, especially our mayor who keeps sending me emails that I never opted into, why we don’t have free, city-wide Internet like they do in Ponca City?