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Dahon 20 " 24 Speed

Dahon 20 ” 24 Speed – My Current Main Ride

Bicycles. It’s probably the most significant form of travel in my life. The bicycle has been with me for approximately 60 + years. I can remember my first one. I can remember my last one. I like to ride. Today, it’s a form of health insurance. I utilize a bicycle to do two things.  First, to help me have a healthier lifestyle. Second, to get me somewhere. Today, I try to ride more miles in a month than I drive. Its not that I don’t ride in a car, I do. It’s just that I rarely drive if I can ride a bicycle. I make an attempt to have the bicycle in my life more often than being behind the wheel of an automobile. For that reason, I am going to start a series of blog posts about bicycle travel. This is my first entry it was the first entry that I ever made from a tablet as opposed to a desktop or a laptop computer.

Oklahoma Tent Camping

tent_camping_sitesIt seems that it’s pretty certain I will not be riding between San Francisco and LA this fall. But, I will be riding my bicycle around Oklahoma. I have just finished phase one of my mapping project of Oklahoma Tent Camping locations. So far I’ve found about 350 locations in the state where I can set up a tent and camp overnight. I’ve made a map that gives their location along with one or more references on each site. Within the references a person can find more information about the site. That information may include GPS location, number of campsites, rates and other information such as whether showers or a laundry are available. It may also include whether the site is primitive their are such amenities as electricity and water are available. The map is a public Google map and is located here. Now I have over 250 new places to visit in the next year or two.

Bicycle Rental Sibiu Romania

Bicycle Rental Sibiu RomaniaI was just out walking around and I spied the bicycle rental place. It looked just like the ones in Bucharest and Brasov. I found out that’s because it’s the same company. They seem to be financed or owned by a bank in Romania. At least, all of the bikes they rent have the name of the bank on them. Once again I got a single speed coaster-brake Continue reading

Rental Ride Bucharest Romania

I rented a bicycle in Bucharest for 48 hours. It cost me a total of $10. I thought that was a great deal. The bike was a single speed with a coaster brake. Not very flashy but it sure did work well. I had a great time with it, taking it around to see the sights of Bucharest. I decided I would pose the bike with several attractions in Bucharest. Okay, maybe the Surf ‘N Fries wasn’t on the list of big attractions, but it was an interesting place.