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Jazz In the Park Cluj Romania

Jazz In the Park Cluj RomaniaI have a habit of getting a transportation pass and riding various forms of transportation around a city. I was riding a bus around Cluj just to take a look at some of the neighborhoods. The bus stopped in a really nice park next to the futbol stadium. I got off the bus. It turns out that they were having a Jazz in the Park event. There Continue reading

Piata Mare Sibiu Romania

Piata Mare Sibiu RomaniaThis is Piata Mare in Sibiu, Romania. It is the main square. Sibiu has some history. According to the Official Romanian Tourism web site “During the middle of the 12th century Saxons came to the area from the Luxembourg, Lorraine, Moselle, Rhine and Wallonia regions of northwestern Europe. They called their new home ‘Siebenburgen’ Continue reading

Clock Tower at Night Sighisoara Romania

Clock Tower at Night Sighisoara RomaniaI have to admit that the clock tower at night looked really good. I don’t think anyone was going up the tower at night as the only access point I was aware of was through the museum at the bottom of the tower. But the scene was definitely a photo opportunity. The clock tower controlled the main gate underneath it that lead down to the Lower Old Town. The tower was the largest of the towers in the citadel and was the major fortification of the of the south-facing half-mile-long main defensive wall of the citadel. It was also the storage point for the city’s treasures.

Romanian Honda Motorcycle

Romanian Honda MotorcycleWhen I first saw it I had no idea what it was. But, there was no question that it was drawing a crowd. I looked at it a little closer and I saw that it said Honda on the side. It said Honda on it in several places. I thought to myself “That’s not a Honda motorcycle.” Well, it seems that it is a Honda motorcycle, which shows you how totally out-of-touch I am. Continue reading

Fifty Cent Generic Beer Bucharest Romania

Fifty Cent Generic Beer Bucharest RomaniaWhen I saw these it stopped me in my tracks for a moment. I looked at the cans and I asked myself if that was generic beer I was looking at. I thought for a moment and I told myself that it was generic beer. For some reason I thought that was odd. I guess the reason why was that I’m not sure that I had ever seen generic beer before. Yes, I had seen Continue reading

Cigarettes One Dollar Chisanau Moldova

Cigarettes One Dollar Chisanau MoldovaI used to smoke cigarettes. I started as a teenager hanging out with “cool” people. Later, it was simply a drug addiction. Granted, there was something special about that first cigarette in the morning with a cup of coffee. It’s sorta like a junkie who gets a fix after going a couple of days without one. Luckily, I gave it up a long time ago. I hope I never go back and I’m happy that Continue reading

Borscht Odessa Ukraine

Borscht Odessa UkraineI got off the train in Odessa, Ukraine and I checked into the hostel near the train station. I decided to get something to eat. The guy at the hostel recommended a restaurant down the street. I go there. It’s one of those overpriced, underwhelming places that are all too common in the world. Face it, I’m a buffet, cafeteria, or pot luck kind of guy. Continue reading

Yummy Bakery Bucharest Romania

Yummy Bakery BucharestLet’s talk Love/Hate for a moment. That’s the way I felt about the place you see in the picture. It is a bakery. You could watch them preparing the baked goods and sliding them into the oven. It was only two short blocks from the hostel where I stayed in Bucharest. While the bakery was not 24/7 like the store down the street, they opened early enough Continue reading

Opera Side View Odessa Ukraine

Opera Side View Odessa UkraineThis is the side view of the Odessa Opera House. People say it’s one of the best in the world. According to Wikipedia, the “unique acoustics of the horseshoe-designed hall allows to deliver even a whisper-low tone of voice from the stage to any part of the hall.” It originally opened in 1810. The latest version of the opera house was redone in 1966. Ticket prices at the opera house range from $2 to about $15. If you would like to get some idea of the productions and the cost of the tickets for each production they can be located here.

McDoanalds Madness Odessa Ukraine

McDoanalds Madness Odessa UkraineI arrived at the train station in Odessa, Ukraine. When I walked out of the train station and I started to head to the hostel where I would be staying I spotted a McDonalds. I went to have a look. What did I find? A very busy burger joint. Odessa likes their Big Macs and ice cream cones. The lines at the counters were jammed-packed. There was hardly a seat anywhere either upstairs or downstairs. I’d say that’s popular. There were a few seats outside, but not many. Did I eat there? No, but I did get a cone later on when the rush died down and I was passing by.