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Rain at the Train Genoa

Rain at the Train GenoaI got into Genoa, Italy from my overnight ferry trip. I was a little spacey. I definitely did not have one of my better nights sleeping. Then again, what do you really expect sleeping in a chair on a ferry? The next time I may rethink my decision not to have a bed in a cabin. But, whatever my mental state of mind I had to get on a train and make it to Continue reading

Boat to Genoa Italy

Boat to Genoa ItalyIt’s the boat that took me to Genoa, Italy from Olbia, Sardinia. It was a big boat. I was told that it accommodated 1,900 people in 500 cabins and held 500 automobiles. It was very modern. I think it was a refurbished cruise ship that was taken out of service to use in the ferry service. It left Olbia at 09:00 PM and arrived in Genoa at 09:00 AM. I did not get a bed. Continue reading

Veggies Palermo

Veggies PalermoYou can find them everywhere. They are little stands selling fruits and vegetables. Sometimes they only sell one item. Sometimes they sell a lot. Sometimes they have a little card telling you what an item costs. Sometimes they don’t. They sell things by the kilo, the 500 grams, and the each. If you do not know where one of these stands are in a city in Europe then you are very new to the neighborhood. Some of them are open everyday. Some till noon. Some of them are only open certain days of the week. Some of them are open all day and a lot of the evening. There’s no reason not to do some serious fruit and vegetable experimentation when you are in one spot in Europe for a time and have a kitchen.