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Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Sagrada FamiliaI’m not real fond of the structure. It’s because I don’t see a lot in it that I like. People’s perspective on what they like and don’t like can be so persnickety. Mine especially. I don’t like it because the the people who worked there weren’t friendly. They were actually a little rude as far as I was concerned. The tickets are $25 or more. You can’t get any information outside of the structure. I’d call it a church but they only hold a Mass inside the main structure “by invitation only” on “special occasions” and those special occurrences may or may not include Easter and Christmas. What kind of a Catholic church doesn’t allow regular folks in for Mass? Yes, it’s a great structure, but I think it’s more of building that happens to be a tourist attraction than a church. But, it is Barcelona’s #1 tourist attraction, outside of Barcelona itself.