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Supermarket Closed for Semana Santa Seville

Supermarket Closed for Semana Santa SevilleSemena Santa in Spain causes many things to happen. One of them is that stores close. This is a picture of a larger supermarket where I bought groceries one day, but was closed the next because a large Holy Week procession was going to be going through the neighborhood, I like the larger supermarkets. It is easier to get the kinds of items Continue reading

Seville Cathedral on Easter

Seville Cathedral on EasterIt is the Cathedral of Seville. It is one of my favorite cathedrals in the whole world. I got to vist it on Easter Sunday. How great was that? It was incredible. More than any other reason was that there were very few people there. It’s said that Seville gets a million people who come to see some part of Holy Week or Semana Santa. Why there were not more people at the cathedral early in the morning is anyone’s guess, I’m just glad I got to spend some time in such a magnificent structure without thousands of people around who I would have chosen not to have waded through. Sometimes, we lucky.

HOHO Bus Seville Spain

HOHO Bus Seville SpainI’ve ridden hop-on-hop-off buses in a lot of locations. I used to ride one every chance I got, but the truth is that they aren’t really as efficient as I once thought they were. Now if you’ve only got a day or two and you’re in one of those classic tourist destinations like New York, London, or Paris, they are a reasonable alternative. This is the HOHO bus in Seville. Continue reading

Bullfight Schedule 2014 Seville Spain

Bullfight Schedule 2014 Seville SpainThe world’s oldest venue for bullfighting is the La Maestranza bullring in Seville, The first bullfight was fought here in 1765. The arena seat 12,500 spectators. For 2014 the bullfighting season begins April 20, 2014 and lasts through October 12, 2014. There are almost twenty bullfights held in Seville during this period. There is no bullfighting in Seville during August as it’s too hot. From what I can gather, the ticket prices for bullfights can vary considerably depending on the bullring, the location within the arena, the bullfighters, and the occasion. Tickets typically cost from $25 to $100. Sometimes the cheaper seats can go for less than $15. By the same token, the tickets for top fights can be sold by ticket scalpers for as much as ten times their official price. Outside of Seville, there are many bullrings which typically seat from 2,000 to 10,000 people. The largest bullring in the world is in Mexico City and seats almost 50,000 people.

Note: I’ve never been to a bullfight. I would like to go. Once. After that I’m not sure. I have some mixed feeling about bullfighting.