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My Visit to Tucson AZ

I had a lovely time in Tucson. I spent one day with Dick and Carol, a lovely couple in Green Valley, AZ and two days with Trish, a couchsurfer in Tucson. Tucson is a large city. It’s very spread out, like most American cities. It has a population of almost 1,000,000. It’s got most of the things people need, including a large university – the University of Arizona. It’s also full of people just like me – old people.

Useless Button

Useless ButtonIt’s a useless button. The world needs more of them. I noticed it when I was at the Chiricahua National Monument. I was in one of the display rooms watching a video on the park and I noticed the button. Of course, when someone sees something so interesting their interest is perked. It was especially perkful because my government has shut such places as this park down for a week or so while it was trying to find itself. I then made this funny analogy about the button that did nothing and the government that did nothing. I, like the vast majority of Americans was not happy about the government shutdown. You can take principles to the point of absurdity and I think the government shutdown was an example of just such absurdity. When your principles cause you to become very ill, maybe it’s time to rethink them. Maybe even get some new ones. Hint, hint.

No Bears in Food

No Bears in FoodThis is a food storage box at the Chiricahua National Monument. You might ask why anyone would want to place food in one of these boxes. It’s simple. The box you see is more bear-proof than a car. That’s really what the box is for – It is to keep the food that you bring to the campsite away from bears. If you keep the food in your car, the bears have no problem breaking a window and getting the food. Bears can be a serious issue at a campsite. Bears are serious business in Arizona.

Living Alone in Paradise

Ron in Living RoomSometimes I question reality. The question I often ask myself is what is the ideal lifestyle. I haven’t ever been able to answer that question. Hugh Hefner seems to have a few things going for him, but so does Pope Francis. Barack Obama gets to be Leader of the Free World and he has a great kitchen staff for those little get-togethers. Continue reading

Cave Creek Canyon – Portal, Arizona

Cave Creek Canyon is spectacular. The above images are some I took while I was there. There are some much better images of it than I can provide located here and here. Cave Creek Canyon is one of the great bird watching areas of the United States. You can Google it for more information. I spent a day with Ron as he showed me around. I was impressed.