The Frittada from Tricia

Frittada Breakfast Oracle AZSometimes I think I’m loosing it. I try to keep everything in order to that my life makes a little sense, but there are times when things get away from me. One of the reasons is that I carry two computers with me in the car. One is the big 17″ version that has less than a 2 hour battery life and one is the 10″ version that has a 10 hour battery life. Sometimes I can’t remember which one I was using last. The picture here should have been with the Tucson pics. It wasn’t because I got busy and forgot to post it. This picture is a picture of a frittada. If you’re like me you’re going to ask “What’s a frittada?” I did. I was staying with a CS friend named Tricia, a lovely woman with a back patio that sits on the side of a mountain and has views of the Arizona sunsets that can only be imagined by a poor boy from Oklahoma. Trish said that, since I was going north out of Tucson, I needed to stop in Oracle, AZ and have a frittada at the Patio Cafe. She told me that they made the best she had ever eaten. Given that Tricia had been to about 60 counties, I assumed she knew a good frittada when she tasted one. ¬†She seemed surprised that a man of the world like myself wouldn’t know what a frittada was. She acted like they were as common as cheeseburgers. Anyway, to make a long story short, I stopped in Oracle, AZ and had my first frittada. If you know what they are, great. If not, you’re going to have to do the same thing I did and learn about them. They are yummy, by the way.