Three Dollar Lunch Chisanau

Three Dollar Lunch ChisanauI went to the hostel to check in and take a nap. They said I was too early. I couldn’t check in until 01:00 PM. They did tell me that I could come in and sit on the couch for an hour but they were going to have to charge me 50 leu, or about $3.50 for the privilege. I decided that I would spend the hour between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM at a restaurant I saw a block up the street. It advertised a “Business Lunch” for 42 leu or $3. I thought that sounded like a better use of my time and money than sitting on a couch falling asleep. So I go to the little restaurant. It’s nice. It would have been nice in the U.S. Small, but nice. The menu, however, was in Russian. Luckily for me the lunch special was a fixed meal. It included a soup, an entree, and a coffee afterwards. The restaurant had incredible service. I hardly ever noticed the staff and things just kept appearing and disappearing from the table with almost perfect timing. The food was excellent and I really liked the $3 price. I know where I’m eating lunch while I stay in Chisanau. Oh, and did I mention the waiter stopped by the table and logged me on to the the Internet? I like this place.