Whole Home Wi-Fi

This is a post to help me keep track of the information I researched as I was looking to make my home WiFi faster. I can get 350 mB at the end of an ethernet cable but I live in an older two-story house with thick walls. I can get 20-30 mB on my laptop with wi-fi but sometimes I have thinkorswim open along with a charting package and a few other pieces of software including a wamp server and, sometimes, I long for a little bit more throughput.

The top mesh WiFi systems with link to Amazon

TP-Link Deco m5: YouTube Video. 8,001 views•Jan 23, 2020. Time: 07:38. Good video.

Do NOT buy ANY Dual Band Mesh Router: This is an Amazon review. I think you should read it.

TP-Link deco M5 Whole Home Wi-Fi Setup: YouTube Video. 162,968 views. May 20, 2017. Time: 22:06.

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Unboxing and Upgrading Existing Deco Setup: YouTube Video. 23,856 views. Aug 6, 2019. Time: 10:53. This is an upgrade video of an M5 system to an M9 system..

The ugly truth about eero from someone with corporate network experience…: You should read this. I did and then I checked the eero website after reading the reviews and I found there there is no “contact us” phone number anywhere to be found. I did however find the support line phone number on Google and I found they had a pre-sales department as well when I called it. I thought pre-sales was a thing of the past for most of computer hardware. So I called their tech support and it took xx minutes to answer.

The Best Mesh WiFi Systems For Every Scenario YouTube video. 386,517 views. May 7, 2019.Time: 07:59. A little dated at a year. A Year and it’s possibly outdated? That shows you how fast this technology is moving. This is a good intro video.

Best Wifi Router 2019: YouTube video. 459,338 views. Dec 15, 2019.Time: 09:28. Nice review. Gives some objectives I was looking for such as performance from various locations for the primary device and secondary devices and, especially, performance when on different floors of the house.