Asia 2017 Airfare

Asia 2017 DestinationsThis is my current transportation breakdown for the Asia 2017 trip. The total comes to $1,698.22, or $19.98, a day for all transportation from one location to another for the 85 days. While that will not be the exact final figure but it will be fairly close as the airfare and bus rides are already purchased and that comprises the vast majority of the major transportation expense. There are 23 flights, 3 bus rides, 3 train trips and a car rental. Actual map is here

 From  To  Amount ($$)
 United States  Auckland  $30.00 +airmiles  Airfare
 Auckland  Rotorua  $1.00  Bus
 Rotorua  Wellington  $1.00  Bus
 Wellington  Queenstown  $79.10  Airfare
 Queenstown  Sidney  $142.00  Airfare
 Sydney  Melbourne  $85.00  Rental Car
 Melbourne  Tasmania  $39.10  Airfare
 Tasmania  Melbourne  $39.10  Airfare
 Melbourne  Cairns  $86.98  Airfare
 Cairns  Bali  $100.56  Airfare
 Bali  Makassar  $55.60  Airfare
 Makassar  Ambon  $64.87  Airfare
 Ambon  Sorong  $40.05  Airfare
 Sorong  Yogyakarta  $145.84  Airfare
 Yogyakarta  Kuala Lumpur  $51.44  Airfare
 Kuala Lumpur  Colombo  $67.00  Airfare
 Colombo  Kuala Lumpur  $88.47  Airfare
 Kuala Lumpur  Phuket  $26.02  Airfare
 Phuket  Bangkok  $15.00  Train
 Bangkok  Yangon  $34.31  Airfare
 Yangon  Mandalay  $9.00  Train
 Mandalay  Yangon  $9.00  Train
 Yangon  Bangkok  $36.00  Airfare
 Bangkok  Hanoi  $72.44  Airfare
 Hanoi  Saigon  $26.00  Airfare
 Saigon  Taipei  $70.01  Airfare
 Taipei  Okinawa  $70.30  Airfare
 Okinawa  Seoul  $63.42  Airfare
 Seoul  Osaka  $77.61  Airfare
 Osaka  Tokyo  $42.00  Bus
 Tokyo U.S.  $30.00 +airmiles  Bus