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Moroccan Travelers Best Friend

Moroccan Travelers Best FriendYes, it is Snoopy. Yes, he is a sweet little puppy. Yes, I’m sure he’s a great baseball player or at least a great fan. But that’s not why he’s here. He’s here because of Western Style Toilets. It seems that there are people everywhere on street corners in Morocco selling small packages of tissue just like this package. They aren’t as cute as I don’t think you can get Snoopy on them. Why would so many people sell small packages of tissue on street corners in Morocco? You figure it out. I’ve already given you a hint and it doesn’t have anything to do with the unemployment level.

Mint Tea For Sale Rabat

Mint Tea For Sale RabatThis is a picture that I shot in the Medina of Rabat. It’s not the best picture I could have taken of the mint that I saw for sale in Morocco. They sell s lot of mint in the country. You see, mint tea is the favorite drink in the country. They lovingly call it Moroccan Whiskey. I’m not sure why. It doesn’t give you a buzz unless you put too much sugar in it. It is tasty, but not addictive. It won’t give you a hangover. Moroccans just seem to really, really like it. There are guys running around all over cities in Morocco delivering mint tea to shop merchants. The sell the mint everywhere. It’s a huge seller Continue reading

Snake Charmer Marrakesh

Snake Charmer MarrakeshYou’ve just got to love Marrakesh. There’s just a lot of weirdness there. The weirdest things are the guys with the snakes and the guys with the monkeys. I learned to stay away from both as soon as I got there. As soon as I saw a guy heading towards me with a boa constrictor in his hands and I had the feeling he was just itching to put that snake around Continue reading

Me in Alley to Hostel Marrakesh

Me in Alley to Hostel MarrakeshThat’s me. That’s the street, alley, path, walkway, or whatever you want to call it that leads to the hostel where we stayed. The hostel was actually at the end behind me. It was a dead-end. There were no cars that were going to drive down this lane. We rarely saw anyone that wasn’t coming or going to the hostel. Street noise was virtually non-existent. The place was so hard to find we had to pay someone to take us there. Luckily, they only wanted 10 dirhams or $1.25. Strangely enough, that’s how a lot of young people make money in Marrakesh. They take tourists places. The charge the tourists for taking Continue reading

Train Station Marrakesh

Train Station MarrakeshThis is the Marrakesh Train Station. Actually, it could be any one of several of the major train stations in Morocco. They all seem to look alike from the front. It seems that they must have redone the image of the stations at some time in the past few years. All of the stations that I saw tended to look very modern now both on the inside and the outside Continue reading

Moroccan Town from Train

Moroccan Town from TrainI took this picture from the train. I took a lot of pictures from the trains in Morocco. One of the reasons was because I rode a lot of trains while I was in the country. Train travel was relatively cheap and reasonably quick. It was also relatively comfortable. The trains were modern. The seats were nice. I could get a seat that had a tray so that I could use Continue reading

Djemaa El Fna Night Food Market Marrakesh

Djemaa El Fna Night Food Market MarrakeshIt’s something of a long story. This is the short version. I met David in Rabat and we traveled together to Marrakesh. In Marrakesh we got a hostel and that evening we went out to find something to eat. It was my idea to go away from the central square because the shops there looked expensive. After walking, walking, and walking Continue reading

Call to Prayers Rabat

Call to Prayers RabatIt’s a fairly big tower. At the top are loudspeakers. I’m sure that, once upon a time, a man went up there and performed the Call to Prayer five times a day. Today it’s done electronically. I’d personally prefer that a human being do it. If you go to a country that is predominately Muslim you will eventually be awakened by a Call to Prayer. They happen with regularity and start before dawn. Many of the people I know think that all of the people who live in predominately Muslim countries pull out a prayer rug when calls to prayers start and get down on their rug and pray. I can tell you that Continue reading

Hostel Patio Rabat

Hostel Patio RabatI have stayed in many hostels and can tell you that each one of them is unique. I think that’s good. I look for uniqueness in the world and I have no trouble finding it wherever I go. But this hostel was one of the most unique hostels I ever stayed in. Why? Because it’s the only one I have ever been locked into. Now I know that some of the hostels lock Continue reading

Empty Apartments Downtown Tangier

Empty Apartments Downtown TangierThere were a lot of empty apartments in downtown Tangier. To be blunt, there were a lot of empty apartments everywhere in Morocco. I wondered why. Optimistically, it’s for future growth. But the cynic in me wonders if there isn’t something a little fishy about all those empty units. I’m wondering if the construction companies that Continue reading