COE Campgrounds in Oklahoma

ALLSTAYS MapI like the Corp of Engineers (COE). They built lots of nice lakes in my home state. On the other hand, thanks to them we have lots of acres of lake surface and the local humidity can be out-of-sight for somewhere that should have a much lower humidity. That being said, the COE campgrounds are great for a person like me. Since I get half-price camping there, it’s a really cheap place to stop. Also, I can usually get a site with electricity for less than $10. One of the best maps I know of for COE only campgrounds in Oklahoma is the one at ALLSTAYS.  Actually, ALLSTAYS is a good place for finding lots of things quickly and accurately. Need a map of Rest Stops, Wal-Marts, Truck Stops, or some other travel parameter? They have them. Plus, they have listings for the whole U.S. making it a good site for when I wander a little farther from home.

Oklahoma Tent Camping

tent_camping_sitesIt seems that it’s pretty certain I will not be riding between San Francisco and LA this fall. But, I will be riding my bicycle around Oklahoma. I have just finished phase one of my mapping project of Oklahoma Tent Camping locations. So far I’ve found about 350 locations in the state where I can set up a tent and camp overnight. I’ve made a map that gives their location along with one or more references on each site. Within the references a person can find more information about the site. That information may include GPS location, number of campsites, rates and other information such as whether showers or a laundry are available. It may also include whether the site is primitive their are such amenities as electricity and water are available. The map is a public Google map and is located here. Now I have over 250 new places to visit in the next year or two.

SF to LA Weather

Weather is an issue for me. If I’m going to ride a bike from LA to SF or SF to LA, weather is important. I checked my favorite weather map Wundermap, for historical highs and lows for the period September 12, 2014 to October 16, 2014 and found that, for the majority of the days of that period, the temperature at 3:00 AM for the coastal region from SF to LA had a temperature that ranged from the high 50′s to the low 70′s with temperatures primarily in the 60′s. This was along the coast and the temperatures were remarkably consistent. Daytime temperatures at 5:00 PM tended to be in the 70′s. The range was from the mid-60′s to the 90′s. It was uncommon that the temperatures got into the 90′s but it did happen a few times. The most common temperatures seemed to be in the higher 70′s to lower 80′s. Again, this was along the coast. Daytime temperatures were less consistent than the temperatures at night. It’s my belief that I could work with any of the dates during the period I researched. Then again, this was only for the year 2014. Who knows what the weather will really be like this year during that period? Also, it might be helpful to consider rainfall for the period which can be found here. September looks a lot better for rainfall than October, and yes, I do know there is currently a drought in the state.

LA to SF by Bicycle Post

Well, I’ve talked with John some more and we talked about taking about two weeks and heading to California by train then bicycling between Los Angeles (LA) and San Francisco (SF). Sounds like an adventure. So I Google “SF LA bicycle” and I find some sites that I liked:

Bicycling The Pacific Coast - Imagine this: a whole book on the subject.

ForumBike ForumsTouring San Francisco to Los Angeles - How about this: a forum that caters to cyclists and has a huge thread about going from LA to SF.

San Francisco to Los Angeles Bicycle Tour - Short and to the point with some good ideas.

LA to SD by Bike

I saw my friend John this morning and he asked me where I was going this year. I wasn’t sure. I don’t have any plans. But, spring will be here very soon and I know a one to three month Great American Road Trip is in order. I’m thinking south to Texas and then East to Florida. Maybe all the way to the Keys.

John also commented that we needed to take the train from ABQ to LA then ride bicycles to San Diego and back. We could then take the train back to ABQ. The more I thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea. I don’t plan on doing it tomorrow, but I have put it on my schedule, although the dates are in Limbo. I’m thinking later in the year. Maybe in the fall. This post is the start of my research. I’m a researcher at heart. Plus, I now have something to start writing about again. That’s half the fun. Maybe more. I read an article in the LA Times that said “Los Angeles to San Diego: The ultimate beach ride, this 140-mile journey is fairly flat, save an infamous hill in San Diego County. Although you’ll encounter traffic, you’ll often be on bike paths, residential streets or at least a road shoulder — rare for a coastal trip. Info: Adventure Cycling Assn., (800) 721-8719, Its Pacific Coast Route Section 5 map costs $11.75 for members, $14.75 for nonmembers.” Hmmmm, I guess I need to get the map.

Purcell City Campground

The campground is located west of I-35 close to Exit 91. You have to go over the Interstate to get to it. There are currently signs to assist you. The campground is located across the street from the golf course. Camping fees are paid at the golf course. If you get there late and get up really early, the golf shop will probably be closed. There is a McDonald’s and a Wal-Mart where you turn to go to the campground which is about 1/4 to 1/2 mile west of the main street and the business section. There is also a Braums located there (great ice cream and burgers). The Wal-Mart is a Supercenter (24 hrs?). The McDonald’s is currently open from 5 AM to 11 PM and has plenty of electrical outlets. Purcell has a Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald’s, Sonic Drive In, Subway, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Mayo and a couple of places I like – Jo’s Pizza (very, very yummy but pricey) and Ruby’s (24 hour – great breakfast, plate lunches and homemade chocolate/coconut cream and baked pies).

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta 2013It’s time to go back to Albuquerque. It’s time for Balloon Fiesta. I’ve probably been at home far too long, but it’s really comfortable there. However, Albuquerque calls me. I need to get away for a while. The question that’s perplexing me is how I get there. I’d really like to catch a ride with someone. Yes, the local CS group in ABQ is holding a couch crash, but they aren’t doing a lot of promotion for rides. Yes, there’s craigslist and there may be a possibility there. But, I may simply have to drive. Do I want to? Sure, that would be okay. But, I’d be coming back to OKC with my friend John on the 9th of October. We’ll be riding in his car as we’ll be taking a canoe to OKC from ABQ. We’re also heading up to northeastern Oklahoma to see some friends from our high school days. I could drive my car to ABQ. It gets great gas mileage. On my last Road Trip, which was two months and 5,256 miles, I got an average of 35.12 MPG. But if I drive to ABQ I’ll have to go back to get my car. I told John I’d help him drive back to OKC. Will I get a ride to ABQ? I’m still looking.

Europe Spring 2014

MedMapDone. Finished. Yippeeee! This post was originally posted on Jan 9, 2014.
I’m thinking I need a vacation. That’s probably because I don’t have a lot going on in my life. I’d really rather be working on a job somewhere, but since no one seems interested in hiring me, I figured I’d book a trip for the spring. The reservation is made and the status went from “Hold” to “On Request” to “Ticketed” when I paid for it so I’m assuming I’ll get to go. The dates are April 9th – July 8th. I fly into Barcelona and back from Bucharest. Now I just have to figure out what to do for 90 days.

I’m thinking: Barcelona, Tangier, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Gibraltar, Ronda, MalagaCosta del Sol, Cuenca, Carthage (Tunis), Ibiza, Andorra, Palma de MallorcaCagliari, Sardinia, Bonifacio, Corsica, Bastia, Malta, Sicliy, PalermoCannes, Nice, Monaco, Bucharest, Transylvania, Odessa, Chisinau, and/or Kiev.

Now, I just wish my wife would go. But when I told her that she was going to have to learn to say “western style toilet” in Arabic and Russian if she wanted to go she said “I don’t think so!”

Brasov Romania Apartments For Sale

Brasov Romaina Apartments For SaleI saw this sign while I was wandering around Brasov. It was for apartments for sale in the city. It was for a new development. These would have been brand new, under construction, or planned. The prices are in euros. The dollar equivalents were $70.000 and $100,000 for a two bedroom or a three bedroom apartment somewhere in Brasov. What else Continue reading

Brasov Romania Old Town Dining

Brasov Romania Old Town DiningWhat you see here is a section of sidewalk dining in Brasov, Romania. What you can’t see is just how much sidewalk dining there is in the city. There’s a lot. A whole lot. Personally I like sidewalk dining. I just don’t do it in Europe. The reason why is that I don’t really care for tobacco smoke with my meals or liquid refreshments and there’s no way Continue reading