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Biosphere 2 Arizona

Biosphere 2Biosphere 2 TourHere is another situation I forgot and I wonder how I could have possibly forgotten it. I went to Biosphere 2. This was something I had been wanting to do for years. Was it great? Absolutely. But, it was also something of a letdown. I had built this place up in my mind like it was some kind of out-of-body experience. It wasn’t. It was a more of a reality show than a fantasy. Was it cool? Very much so. But it was primarily a science experiment and I’ve never been much of a scientist. Would I recommend it? I think everyone in the world should go see it. It brings a lot of stuff home. It makes a lot of things clear about what they did and why they did it. Let’s look at some more pictures of this incredible place. Click here and here.

The Frittada from Tricia

Frittada Breakfast Oracle AZSometimes I think I’m loosing it. I try to keep everything in order to that my life makes a little sense, but there are times when things get away from me. One of the reasons is that I carry two computers with me in the car. One is the big 17″ version that has less than a 2 hour battery life and one is the 10″ version that has a 10 hour battery life. Sometimes I can’t remember which one I was using last. The picture here should have been with the Tucson pics. It wasn’t because I got busy and forgot to post it. Continue reading

Say No to Sedona AZ

Sedona Rock FormationSedona Rocks IIOh! It looks like I did a misprint. What I meant to say was to say no to Sedona on a weekend. Why? Because a lot of people go to Sedona. Actually, more than a lot. There was an interesting article in the New York Times entitled God Made the Grand Canyon But He Lives in Sedona. I thought that was interesting. Prior to going to Sedona I would never have understood what they meant by that. I now know. I don’t think you should waste your time with my pathetic shots of Sedona. I think you should have a gander here and here to start cruising the pictures of one of the most photogenic places on the planet. Or at least in the U.S.

Fun Pictures in Arizona

Junior Ranger In My SizeThis One Is For JohnThe first picture is of the Junior Ranger vest. I think they had it in my size. I was afraid to try one on thinking I might actually buy it. The second picture is for my friend John. He has some weird idea that it might be fun to travel around the country in a Class B. I’m thinking they’re too small and the fuel would eat you up. I’m so glad I have a Kia Rio. Then again, he has a good-paying job.

Park Closed Do Not Enter

Park Closed Do Not EnterI saw this sign way-too-often in my travels. This one was at one of the state parks on the way north from Roosevelt Lake. I mean, after all, aren’t they our parks? Isn’t the government merely the caretaker of the parks? I appreciate the people who work there but sometimes the term Park Nazis reverberates in my head, especially when I’m confronted by an over-bearing official whose rules are more important then the public welfare.

Arizona Cotton Harvest

Arizona Cotton HarvestI’d been wanting to catch some of these bails along side the road for some time. These are big bails of cotton, are they not? The area around Coolidge, AZ looked like it was heavily irrigated. There were a lot of cropland available in the area. It’s my understanding that much of the vegetable production in the U.S. is done in Arizona on reclaimed desert land. Actually, I found an article that stated “(c)alifornia continued Continue reading