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Brasov Romania Old Town Dining

Brasov Romania Old Town DiningWhat you see here is a section of sidewalk dining in Brasov, Romania. What you can’t see is just how much sidewalk dining there is in the city. There’s a lot. A whole lot. Personally I like sidewalk dining. I just don’t do it in Europe. The reason why is that I don’t really care for tobacco smoke with my meals or liquid refreshments and there’s no way Continue reading

Communist Era Apartments Bucharest Romania

Communist Era Apartments Bucharest RomaniaYou see these everywhere in Eastern Europe. The communists were really into building blocks and blocks and blocks of apartments where all the apartments were identical. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it. It only makes sense to me. That type of sentiment is why I will never get elected to public office. I’m much too practical. This Continue reading

Shawarma as Big as My Head

Shawarma as Big as My HeadI like street food. I call street food any food you can buy from the street or sidewalk and you don’t have to go inside a building. I guess that qualifies as street feed. No, this does not mean sidewalk cafes where you could go inside a building. For me street food has to be bought at a place where there there isn’t a high probability of finding a nice Continue reading

Booted in Romania

Booted in RomaniaIt seems that it works the same way in Romania as it does in the states. At least I’m assuming that it does. I would guess that you get enough tickets and you get booted when you don’t pay them. It was a nice car in a nice neighborhood in Sinaia. The house behind it would have been a really nice house in virtually any city in the world. Did the car belong to this house? I had no idea. I just know this wasn’t the only car in the neighborhood with a boot on it. I’m not sure which is more sad, giving the boot or getting the boot. Maybe both. Double sadness.

GiGi Customer Line Cluj Romania

GiGi Customer Line Cluj RomaniaI got lucky. I took the bus downtown to downtown Cluj from the hotel and it dropped me right in front of a GiGi, my favorite bakery chain in Romania. They have some great products. The bread wrapped sausage with cheese was my choice for breakfast. Sometimes I chose it for dinner, too. They have a pretty good chocolate covrigi and a vanilla covrigi. The cherry wasn’t bad, I just had to be in the right mood. I definitely think that there is some serious money to be made with covrigi in the U.S. Will I be the one to make it? Hardly. I think I’ve retired. I’ll leave that to people who need to make Continue reading

Bicycle Rental Sibiu Romania

Bicycle Rental Sibiu RomaniaI was just out walking around and I spied the bicycle rental place. It looked just like the ones in Bucharest and Brasov. I found out that’s because it’s the same company. They seem to be financed or owned by a bank in Romania. At least, all of the bikes they rent have the name of the bank on them. Once again I got a single speed coaster-brake Continue reading

Pigeon Food Sibiu Romania

Pigeon Food Sibiu RomaniaIt all started rather accidentally. I bought a couple of pastries for my dinner and as I’m walking away from the bakery a couple of pigeons start following me. I heard one of them say to the other one “Wouldn’t it be nice if he shared.” I don’t know why but I thought it would. So I headed over to the Billa, a grocery store and got a big loaf of bread for Continue reading

Jazz In the Park Cluj Romania

Jazz In the Park Cluj RomaniaI have a habit of getting a transportation pass and riding various forms of transportation around a city. I was riding a bus around Cluj just to take a look at some of the neighborhoods. The bus stopped in a really nice park next to the futbol stadium. I got off the bus. It turns out that they were having a Jazz in the Park event. There Continue reading

Piata Mare Sibiu Romania

Piata Mare Sibiu RomaniaThis is Piata Mare in Sibiu, Romania. It is the main square. Sibiu has some history. According to the Official Romanian Tourism web site “During the middle of the 12th century Saxons came to the area from the Luxembourg, Lorraine, Moselle, Rhine and Wallonia regions of northwestern Europe. They called their new home ‘Siebenburgen’ Continue reading

Romanian Sunflowers from Train

Romanian Sunflowers from TrainThe train from Clug to Sibiu was four hours. The countryside was nice. I was surprised how well I liked the Romanian countryside. There are really, really nice forests in some areas. In other areas the rolling hills are really beautiful. In other areas it’s a farmer’s paradise. I took this picture as I was leaving a huge area that was covered in sunflowers. They were really beautiful. I wish the train had stopped right in the middle of all the fields but it didn’t. It was a nice day and the sunflowers looked so good. I would have thought I was in Kansas if I hadn’t known better.