Dinner Seville Spain

Dinner Seville SpainThis is a very important post. The reason why is that it shows what I call the four major food groups in the Rolling Okie Food Pyramid for Travel. They are chocolate, bread, cheese, and water. Okay there is no water there. But there is beer, an even better liquid but one which I do not promote. I think if you have those four items, think water, not beer, you can sustain life in a pretty nice fashion on the road. No, I don’t suggest that this should be the only things a traveler eats. What I’m saying is that you’ll never go hungry when you’re on the road of you have bread, cheese, chocolate and water in your daypack. You might, of course want to think about carrying a few vitamins as well. These are my items of choice when I wander without a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or other form of personal transportation. What these foods do is to keep me from becoming so hungry that I don’t care what I have to pay, I’m going to eat. Hunger can cause people to loose control quickly and buy some ridiculously overpriced meal because it looks good on a menu. Sometimes, like when I bought this meal, I even have it for dinner. The other two items are ramen noodles and a couple of bananas. They’re not staples, but I got them for later. Now all I needed was nice bench in a lovely park.