Fifty Cent Generic Beer Bucharest Romania

Fifty Cent Generic Beer Bucharest RomaniaWhen I saw these it stopped me in my tracks for a moment. I looked at the cans and I asked myself if that was generic beer I was looking at. I thought for a moment and I told myself that it was generic beer. For some reason I thought that was odd. I guess the reason why was that I’m not sure that I had ever seen generic beer before. Yes, I had seen cheap beer. I have seen really cheap beer. I have also gone to the corner store with my little jug and got a jug’s worth of beer from the local corner beer dispenser in a place where they do that sort of thing. But I don’t remember seeing a lot of generic beer in my day. That’s probably because it costs just as much to make a branded can as it does to make a generic can. I’m sure that it costs just as much to fill the beer can and distribute it. So what’s the point of having generic beer? I’m not sure. Maybe one distributor does not want to cheapen their own brand by selling the beer at fifty cents a can for a tall boy sized container of strong beer. Then again, maybe generic is the branding they are looking for.