Houston Airport Details

Houston Skyline

Houston Skyline

There are inexpensive flights out of the Houston, TX IAH airport to lots of places around the world. Since I live in OKC I need a way to get to IAH and it needs to be cost effective. I know that I can take Megabus from Dallas to Houston for $1 if I plan far enough ahead. The question then becomes how I get to IAH from downtown Houston. The following explains how I can do it.

The Houston Megabus location at 815 Pierce Street is approximately one block from the downtown METRO Transit Center. There appear to be 8 buses a day currently going from Dallas to Houston. They start early in the morning (7:15 AM) and the last bus arrives in Houston at 10:20 PM in the evening. The trip takes 4 hours. You can reverse it with about the same details to get back to Dallas.

According to the IAH website: METRO Bus 102 serves the airport and surrounding vicinity with multiple stops and continues to the METRO station downtown. The fare is $1.25 (cash only; the driver does not make change). Transit time to downtown can run 1.5 hours. Riders may stow luggage in the baggage compartment accessed from the outside of the bus (drivers do not assist with luggage). Pick up and drop off is at the METRO Bus Stop on Baggage Claim Level, south side of Terminal C. It appears that the METRO station downtown is at 1900 Main St. Houston, TX 77002.

Bus route 102 leaves every 20 minutes and takes about one hour to make the trip. It looks like the bus starts at 5:00 AM and stops at 12:00 AM. For more information call Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County at (713) 635-4000.