Boat to Genoa Italy

Boat to Genoa ItalyIt’s the boat that took me to Genoa, Italy from Olbia, Sardinia. It was a big boat. I was told that it accommodated 1,900 people in 500 cabins and held 500 automobiles. It was very modern. I think it was a refurbished cruise ship that was taken out of service to use in the ferry service. It left Olbia at 09:00 PM and arrived in Genoa at 09:00 AM. I did not get a bed. I have gotten cabins before on overnight ferries. They are really, really small. If this ships’s cabins were anything like the cabins I had book previously, it was easier for me to sleep in a chair on the deck. The boar had a lot of people on it. Was it full? I’m sure it wasn’t. But it seemed that there were a few hundred people on board. Did I make out okay? Sure.