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Whole Home Wi-Fi

This is a post to help me keep track of the information I researched as I was looking to make my home WiFi faster. I can get 350 mB at the end of an ethernet cable but I live in an older two-story house with thick walls. I can get 20-30 mB on my laptop with wi-fi but sometimes I have thinkorswim open along with a charting package and a few other pieces of software including a wamp server and, sometimes, I long for a little bit more throughput.

The top mesh WiFi systems with link to Amazon

TP-Link Deco m5: YouTube Video. 8,001 views•Jan 23, 2020. Time: 07:38. Good video.

Do NOT buy ANY Dual Band Mesh Router: This is an Amazon review. I think you should read it.

TP-Link deco M5 Whole Home Wi-Fi Setup: YouTube Video. 162,968 views. May 20, 2017. Time: 22:06.

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Unboxing and Upgrading Existing Deco Setup: YouTube Video. 23,856 views. Aug 6, 2019. Time: 10:53. This is an upgrade video of an M5 system to an M9 system..

The ugly truth about eero from someone with corporate network experience…: You should read this. I did and then I checked the eero website after reading the reviews and I found there there is no “contact us” phone number anywhere to be found. I did however find the support line phone number on Google and I found they had a pre-sales department as well when I called it. I thought pre-sales was a thing of the past for most of computer hardware. So I called their tech support and it took xx minutes to answer.

The Best Mesh WiFi Systems For Every Scenario YouTube video. 386,517 views. May 7, 2019.Time: 07:59. A little dated at a year. A Year and it’s possibly outdated? That shows you how fast this technology is moving. This is a good intro video.

Best Wifi Router 2019: YouTube video. 459,338 views. Dec 15, 2019.Time: 09:28. Nice review. Gives some objectives I was looking for such as performance from various locations for the primary device and secondary devices and, especially, performance when on different floors of the house.

Caribbean Airlines

To find out who flies into and out of an airport there is a website located here that can give you that information. They have arrival and departure information for most of the world’s airports.

Route Maps – There is a website dedicated to showing airline route maps. It is located here. I have no way of knowing how up-to-date the maps are. It did not list all airlines when I originally found the site. Air Sunshine was not listed, for example. It is worth examining, however.

Air Sunshine – Route Map. Has prices on the Flights/Fares page.Some fares under $100.

American AirlinesRoute Map.

Anguilla Air Services – Route Map. Flies only Anguilla, St Barts and St Marteen – AXA/SBH ($211) or AXA/SXM ($87). Not on Google Flights.

IntercaribbeanRoute Map.

Jet BlueRoute Map.

LiatRoute Map. Very big Caribbean carrier.

Sky HighRoute Map.

Sunwing – Route Map.

United AirlinesRoute Map.

WestJet – Route Map.


Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life is a pretty popular book. I’ve read it. I get it. To a point. That point is probably a function of my own biases, beliefs, and perspective. I’m not real big on “rules” and it’s not because “rules are made to be broken” or other such nonsense. It’s because rules don’t tend to be flexible and allow reasonable exceptions. It’s also because some people take advantage of rules and that causes a reasonably good rule to be altered to become a fairly bad rule for the majority of those who didn’t take advantage of the rule. Continue reading

Hillman To Do

I’ve seen most of the Top 100 Hillman Wonders. There’s still a few more I want to see. My travel philosophy is that it’s not about where you’ve been, it’s what you have seen, tasted, touched, heard and smelled. You can shorten the previous sentence to experienced. This post is about the Hillman Wonders I haven’t seen but intend to see. The following is a breakdown of those Wonders. I’m going to work on the list during the next few weeks as I get a moment here and there. Continue reading

Road Trip Urges

They start off small. Very small. They start off as thoughts. Often, they’re thoughts about previous road trips. They don’t last a long time. But, they grow. They happen more often. Pretty soon, you’re conscious of them. That’s when you know. A road trip is in the making. It’s just a matter of time. I reach a point where I start thinking about planning because that’s what I do. That’s who I am.

Rest Stops

Rest Stops

When I was a young man, I road-tripped often. As I got older, the road trips became less frequent until there was a time when I never left home without my wife or some of my children. Then, as the nest emptied, I started to wander a little more. And more. And more. Today, I take several months a year, on average, and I go somewhere. Sometimes it’s in the United States. Sometimes it’s in Europe or Asia or Africa or South America. Next year, in 2018, I think that it will be in the United States in the Spring and in Europe later in the year. This post is the first one for getting my material in order for the trip.

The image that you see on the right is from a Google Map. It’s located here. Actually, there is a whole websited dedicated to the subject. I originally thought it was created by the people who publish The Next Exit, but now I believe it’s put out by Roundabout Publications, a group which publishes material for people who live the RV lifestyle and like to move around a lot.