Earnings Plays I

(1) Go to Zacks and get a list of the stocks that are reporting earnings AMC this day and BFO tomorrow.

(2) Use Notepad++ to make a list of stocks for the watchlist. You can also download a CSV file from Zacks to put into a spreadsheet if that works better for you.

(3) Use TEMP (or some other watchlist) as a watchlist in thinkorswim TOS and place the stocks in the watchlist. Then go thru them to see which ones had a 7% or more as the Market Maker Move. You can verify this percentage with https://marketchameleon.com/Calendar/Earnings?d=20191029. Change 20191029 to the correct date. Go through the stocks one at a time trying to find the best deals for an iron condor or an iron butterfly.

(4) Be sure and check the chart.

(5) You can also place the watchlist in a live TOS (not paper) and export it to a spreadsheet where you will have all of the data at your fingertips for a quick decision. However, usually the list will be short enough so that it will take little time to evaluate the list.

Option Alpha Earnings Trades: