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Earnings Plays I

(1) Go to Zacks and get a list of the stocks that are reporting earnings AMC this day and BFO tomorrow.

(2) Use Notepad++ to make a list of stocks for the watchlist. You can also download a CSV file from Zacks to put into a spreadsheet if that works better for you.

(3) Use TEMP (or some other watchlist) as a watchlist in thinkorswim TOS and place the stocks in the watchlist. Then go thru them to see which ones had a 7% or more as the Market Maker Move. You can verify this percentage with Change 20191029 to the correct date. Go through the stocks one at a time trying to find the best deals for an iron condor or an iron butterfly.

(4) Be sure and check the chart.

(5) You can also place the watchlist in a live TOS (not paper) and export it to a spreadsheet where you will have all of the data at your fingertips for a quick decision. However, usually the list will be short enough so that it will take little time to evaluate the list.

Option Alpha Earnings Trades:

Stocks Lesson 19

Finviz – Here are the numbers. P/E = 15. Dividends = N/A. ROA = 15.01% Up. ROE = 30.01% Up. ROI = 25.01% Up. PEG = .99 or Less. Price/Sales = 1.00 or Less. Price/Book = 1.00 or Less. Price/Cash = 2.99 or Less. Price/Free Cash Flow = 15 or Less. EPS growth this year = 25% or better. EPS growth next year = 25% or better. EPS growth past 5 years = 25% or better. EPS growth next 5 years = 25% or better. Sales growth past 5 years = 25% or better. Current Ratio = 3 or better. Quick Ratio = 3 or better. Long Term Debt/Equity (mrq) = .1 or less. Total Debt/Equity (mrq) = .1 or less. Gross Margin (ttm) = 50% or better. Operating margin = 25% or better. Prifit Margin 20% or better. Insider ownership = 30% or better. Insider transactions = 20% or more. Float Short = 20% or more is BAD (no good number listed). Short Ratio = no good or bad listed. Performance for the week = anything positive is good. Performance for the month = anything positive is good.

Stocks Lesson 18

Dividends. Let’s say I buy a stock for $10 and it pays me $.25 each quarter as a dividend. This means that I am getting a 10% return on my money with no increase in the value of the stock. Dividend stocks are generally thought of as “retirement” stocks. You just hold onto them year after year, living off of the dividends.

You can get dividend history for stocks at Yahoo Finance (many years), (7 years),

The following are some articles about dividend stocks:

16 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks With 50 Years of Increasing Dividends and Market-Beating Performance: This is a good article. It talks about the best of the best in terms of “Dividend Kings” in that the following 16 stocks “have increased their dividend payments each and every year for 50 years in a row.” The stocks are: KO, JNJ, CL, PG, MMM, LOW, GPC, DOV, EMR, PH, AWR, CINF, LANC, NDSN, NWN, and VVC.


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Stocks Lesson 17

Chartist Stuff – There are people (Chartists) who say ignore the fundamentals of a stock. Face it! The market is irrational and the only thing that really matters is the direction of a stock and there are really only two directions – up and down. The Chartists believe in looking at the charts to see what is going on. I think there is some credibility to be found in this approach.

The indicators that Chartists use are part of apackage referred to as Technical Analysis (TA). TA uses indcators. The three most common indicators are: Stochastics, RSI and MACD.

Stocks Lesson 15

ETFs. You can’t do Value Investing with ETFs. But, you can mimic the Index Investing that John C Bogel made popular with his books and Vanguard. You just have to do it with “sector indexes” that mimic broader market indexes.

ETFs do not have the traditional P/E, debt/equity, 5 year returns, ROE or other fundamental numbers that apply to Vlue Investing. What’s left are performance numbers (returns) and sector evaluation.

Seeking Alpha – This is a great recap of sector ETF movement. – The performance tab on this page will let you sort by performance. Good way to find potential ETF buys. – See if there is anything here worth using.

Morningstar – rates ETFs.

Barchart – Rates ETFs really well. – This site has a “relative strength index” that looks promising. – Interesting website.

Benzinga – Investigate to see what’s there.

Tom Lydon,’s founder, uses the 200-day line as a simple buy and sell signal. He buys when an ETF crosses above its 200-day line and sells when it falls about 8% off its 52-week high.

Fund Flows – Are they significant? How so?

etf analytics scoring methodology – - Good ETF discussion.

TD Ameritrade – Think risk, ratings, classification, etc.