GiGi Customer Line Cluj Romania

GiGi Customer Line Cluj RomaniaI got lucky. I took the bus downtown to downtown Cluj from the hotel and it dropped me right in front of a GiGi, my favorite bakery chain in Romania. They have some great products. The bread wrapped sausage with cheese was my choice for breakfast. Sometimes I chose it for dinner, too. They have a pretty good chocolate covrigi and a vanilla covrigi. The cherry wasn’t bad, I just had to be in the right mood. I definitely think that there is some serious money to be made with covrigi in the U.S. Will I be the one to make it? Hardly. I think I’ve retired. I’ll leave that to people who need to make some serious money. I’d still like to do a little work but I no longer want to spend my time in the pursuit of lots of money. I mean, how much do you need? Most Americans, of course, would say “all of it.” I’m not so serious about money anymore. It’s nice, but there are better things to do than to sit around and see how much of it I can accumulate.