Shawarma as Big as My Head

Shawarma as Big as My HeadI like street food. I call street food any food you can buy from the street or sidewalk and you don’t have to go inside a building. I guess that qualifies as street feed. No, this does not mean sidewalk cafes where you could go inside a building. For me street food has to be bought at a place where there there isn’t a high probability of finding a nice place to sit and relax. That obviously means it’s a type of take-away. This picture is of some soup, Ciorba, Chicken Ciorba to be more precise, and a shawarma. The shawarma is a type of sandwich that is wrapped in bread. There are lots of different types of shawarmas. This one is chicken and the bread is more like a very large, thin tortilla than a pita bread. The meat is chicken. There is also some special sauce, potatoes, cabbage, relish, onions, and garlic in the shawarma. The most interesting thing about this shawarma is the size. I say it’s as big as my head but it’s really not. That doesn’t mean it’s not big. It is the biggest shawarma I have ever seen. It took me several tries before I had eaten the whole thing.