Subway Train Bucharest

Subway Train BucharestThis is a picture of the a subway train in Bucharest, Romania. As you can see the platform is empty and the cars are hardly crowded. That’s because it’s an off-peak period on one of the stops that is less significant. While the Bucharest subway works pretty well it is not my favorite subway system. The reason why is that there aren’t a lot of signs or maps of the subway placed in strategic locations throughout the system. It’s a little like the street signs in Bucharest. There simply aren’t an overwhelming number of them. That means that a person who is not familiar with the city has a somewhat steep learning curve before he or she will be able to ride the subway system with relative ease. One thing I will say for the system is that they have some really yummy bakeries inside the turnstiles that serve some really delicious baked goods and some tasty pizza. You may not be able to find your way around or out of the subway, but you won’t starve while you are in there.