Beer in Box Odessa Ukraine

Beer in Box Odessa UkraineMy friend Paul and I really liked the shawarmas at one the the restaurants close to the hostel. They were excellent and we split one every day I was in Odessa. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell beer. However, they had no problem with people bringing in beer from the store down the street. This is the cooler where Paul and I got out beer before we went to the shawarma place. Notice that there is a wide selection. Most of it was around a dollar but some of it got as high as two dollars for the good stuff in bigger containers. You could get a two liter jug for about $2.50 but that was a little more beer than Paul and I wanted with out shawarma. I got to try some new brands while I was there. If there is one area of the world where I would live just for the beer, it’s in Belgium. If I were on a budget it would be Eastern Europe.