Mass Montserrat Spain

Mass Montserrat SpainI went to Montserrat without a lot of expectations. From what I understood there was a miracle that happened there and they built a church around where it was supposed to have happened. Over the years people made pilgrimages to the site. The numbers grew. It became a tourist attraction. They added transportation from Barcelona, flush toilets, a cafeteria, a gift shop, and stalls for local vendors. They expanded virtually everything. Paid Parking was added. I took a look at the parking rates. Got a bus? You’re gong to have to pay $70 to park that bus for more than four hours. I walked around. I thought about getting the $7.80 audio guide to help me wade through the site but decided against it. I went to the Mass. Very impressive. It was packed. Standing room only. I would have gone to see the Lady of Montserrat, but I would have had to get in line with a lot of Southern Europeans and I knew there was no way I was going to get at the end of the line and not get frustrated thinking all the people that were going to cut in front of me. Better just let it go.