Nicely Priced Leffe Nice France

Nicely Priced Leffe Nice FranceOkay, I admit it. The vast majority of items for sale in Nice, France are grossly overpriced compared to what I can buy them for in the U.S.. I was looking at an avocado today that cost two euros – almost $3. I thought “Wow! I can get that same avocado on sale at home for about 35 cents and about 80 cents when it’s not on sale.” Ditto for almost everything else there is for sale at the supermarket. However, the one thing that is priced considerably less is alcohol. This is one of my favorite beers in one of my favorite sizes, extra large. The price for this bottle of beer is about $4.50 in U.S. dollars. Back home this size bottle of beer would set you back $15 easy. The same advantage goes for wine. I find wines here on the shelf of the supermarket for about $3. Lots of them. Granted, I have to go from store to store to store to get a really wide variety of wines, but the stores are small hole-in-the-wall stores and they’re not that far apart. As for liquor, most of it is priced about the same, or a little bit less, as in the U.S. Do I see a lot of people drunk on the streets? Some. They’re usually in groups, sort of like a wino club or something. Would I want to move to France for the cheap beer and wine? Absolutely not.