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Nice France Airport Wi-Fi

Nice France Airport Wi-FiIt’s late and I’m in the Nice Airport waiting on the bus that will come and pick me up to take me to Barcelona. I probably should have taken the train but the cheapest I could have gotten a train for was 104 euros and the bus was only sixty euros. Had I booked 30 days ahead of time I could have gotten the bus for 36 euros but that’s another story. Plus, the Continue reading

Flan in Nice Fance

Flan Nice FanceI have to admit it. I have a flan problem. The problem is that I really like it and France is the one place where I can get good flan consistently if I try. It started a long time ago. I thought the stuff was simply custard at first. Really good custard. Little did I know. Now I think I’ve got a handle on the fact that it may be related to custard, but it’s not custard. One thing I have learned about living in the Unites States is that it’s not so easy to get really good flan. Then again, it’s not always easy to get really good flan in France. I got this at one of the major sidewalk cafes in Nice on the main drag. How was it? Continue reading

Pay to Pee Antibes France

Pay to Pee Antibes FranceI probably should not have named this with the name of a town in the title. Now people will associate it with Antibes, France. But the pay to pee issue isn’t unique to Antibes, France. It’s everywhere in France. France has solved the toilet issue by placing pay toilets everywhere. Actually, they are somewhat common in Europe in general, but they are particularly noticeable in France. Everywhere I went I saw toilets that had to be paid for to use them. Here is the perfect example. It’s a pay toilet at the train station. You’d figure that you could pee for free at the train station, wouldn’t you? Not a chance. Continue reading

Lots of Yachts Antibe France

Yachts in Antibes FranceI went to Cannes, France for the day. I wanted to see it and I wanted to be able to say I’ve been there. It was a nice town. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about but I’d bet that having a few movie stars and a few hundred world celebrities along with boatloads of really, really wealthy people would cause me to change my mind. That being said, this Continue reading

Nicely Priced Leffe Nice France

Nicely Priced Leffe Nice FranceOkay, I admit it. The vast majority of items for sale in Nice, France are grossly overpriced compared to what I can buy them for in the U.S.. I was looking at an avocado today that cost two euros – almost $3. I thought “Wow! I can get that same avocado on sale at home for about 35 cents and about 80 cents when it’s not on sale.” Ditto for almost everything else there is for sale at the supermarket. However, the one thing that is priced considerably less is alcohol. This is one of my favorite beers in one of my favorite sizes, extra large. The price for this bottle of beer is about $4.50 in U.S. dollars. Continue reading

Beach Nice France

Beach Nice FranceYou can not help but be impressed with the beach at Nice, France. Since Nice is a part of the French Riviera, the beach seems to go on forever. There are plenty of places to go beside the beach you see in the picture. Actually, there are miles and miles and miles of beach. Some of it’s crowded like you see in the picture. Some of it’s deserted. Some Continue reading

Nice France Basilica

Nice France BasilicaThis is the Basilica where I went to Mass on Sunday. They have a Cathedral in Nice as well. This Basilica was only a couple of blocks from the hostel where I was staying. It seems like the back side of the Basilica is a hang-out for Eastern Europeans in Nice. You see them out back of the church all the time. I’m not sure why. There is an Orthodox Church in Nice. Why wouldn’t they hang out there?

Harbor Bonifacio Corsica

Harbor Bonifacio CorsicaYou can’t help but appreciate it. The place reeks of money. Not really big money, but money, nonetheless. It definitely puts any harbor within five-hundred miles of OKC to shame. I’m not sure if Grand Lake or Texhoma Lake have anything to compare to it. There were a lot of forty foot sailboats. There were several that were larger. There were some Continue reading