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McToasty Chisanau Moldova

McToasty Chisanau MoldovaIt’s what I had for breakfast on my first morning in Chisanau. I really would have preferred a Sausage McGriddle, Egg McMuffin, or a Breakfast Burrito. But, they weren’t on the menu. The McToasty was and it was combined with a coffee in a combo special that made the McToasty almost free. I saw a lot of places on my trip to Europe that had toast on Continue reading

Beer House Chisanau Moldova

Beer House ChisanauThis is one of the bars in Chisanau. It’s listed by Lonely planet as a good place to drink. When I looked at Lonely Planet’s advise on what to do in Chisanau in two days, they said to go out at night and drink a lot. They said that Chisanau’s party atmosphere is rated really, really good. Maybe I should have spent more time in the bars in Continue reading

Cigarettes One Dollar Chisanau Moldova

Cigarettes One Dollar Chisanau MoldovaI used to smoke cigarettes. I started as a teenager hanging out with “cool” people. Later, it was simply a drug addiction. Granted, there was something special about that first cigarette in the morning with a cup of coffee. It’s sorta like a junkie who gets a fix after going a couple of days without one. Luckily, I gave it up a long time ago. I hope I never go back and I’m happy that Continue reading

Pigeons Chisanau Moldova

Pigeons Chisanau MoldovaThis isn’t really the snapshot I wanted. When I first saw these pigeons I was walking through one of Chisanau’s wonderful parks. The pigeons were being fed by a man who appeared to be around thirty years of age. He had a bag on one hand and in the other he was throwing bread to the birds. The bread seemed to have been prepared for the birds Continue reading

Train to Odessa from Chisanau

Train to Odessa from ChisanauI took the train from Chisanau, Moldova to Odessa, Ukraine. It was a nice train. I’d call it 1950′s Club Car if you were to ask me what the decor of the train was. I kind of enjoyed it. I could have had beer but I opted for coffee instead. Got to keep my mind sharp for interrogation from Ukrainian border guards. I speak no Russian. They speak very, very little English. This should be interesting.

Kebabs Line Chisanau

Kebabs Line ChisanauCall tehm Kebabs, Kabobs, Shawarma, or Wraps. They are meet wrapped in bead with stuff in the bread. I really like them. I rarely get to eat them at home. My wife doesn’t care for them so I have to wait till she’s busy or I’m eating with someone else. Then I go and get a gyro with some lamb and pita bread. But in Eastern Europe they fix them a little Continue reading

Football Anyone Chisanau

Football Anyone ChisanauI went out for a bite to eat on my first day in Chisanau. I then decided to go and see what all the hub-bub across the street was all about. I kept hearing a loudspeaker and people cheering. By the time I got there the cheering had stopped. But, there was still a number of people left in the area. It seemed that there were two big screen TVs (really, really big Continue reading

Chisanau Bus from Bucharest

Chisanau Bus from BucharestThis is the bus from Bucharest that brought me to Chisanau. You can see it’s rather large. I was told that there was a bus that left Bucharest for Chisanau every hour or so from early in the morning until midnight. Most of them were minivans that carried 15-20 people. This one carried closer to fifty people. It was over half full. It cost me $22 and nine Continue reading