Flan in Nice Fance

Flan Nice FanceI have to admit it. I have a flan problem. The problem is that I really like it and France is the one place where I can get good flan consistently if I try. It started a long time ago. I thought the stuff was simply custard at first. Really good custard. Little did I know. Now I think I’ve got a handle on the fact that it may be related to custard, but it’s not custard. One thing I have learned about living in the Unites States is that it’s not so easy to get really good flan. Then again, it’s not always easy to get really good flan in France. I got this at one of the major sidewalk cafes in Nice on the main drag. How was it? Not very good. I won’t be buying flan at that location anymore. Just call me “Still Looking for Incredible Flan in Nice” or something like that.