Supermarket Closed for Semana Santa Seville

Supermarket Closed for Semana Santa SevilleSemena Santa in Spain causes many things to happen. One of them is that stores close. This is a picture of a larger supermarket where I bought groceries one day, but was closed the next because a large Holy Week procession was going to be going through the neighborhood, I like the larger supermarkets. It is easier to get the kinds of items I want at prices that I find more appealing than the typical small supermarket, a term I wouldn’t use to describe the small hole-in-the wall convenience stores that many countries call supermarkets. For example, a box that contains a liter of apple juice can cost one to two euros in a small supermarket, but usually costs half that in a larger supermarket. Plus, the availability of different types of juices is significantly greater. A Semena Santa procession can be so large and last so long as to make it virtually impossible to get into and out of a store like this one in a reasonable amount of time. The locals knew this, of course. I did not. At least not initially.