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Bicycle Rental Sibiu Romania

Bicycle Rental Sibiu RomaniaI was just out walking around and I spied the bicycle rental place. It looked just like the ones in Bucharest and Brasov. I found out that’s because it’s the same company. They seem to be financed or owned by a bank in Romania. At least, all of the bikes they rent have the name of the bank on them. Once again I got a single speed coaster-brake Continue reading

Pigeon Food Sibiu Romania

Pigeon Food Sibiu RomaniaIt all started rather accidentally. I bought a couple of pastries for my dinner and as I’m walking away from the bakery a couple of pigeons start following me. I heard one of them say to the other one “Wouldn’t it be nice if he shared.” I don’t know why but I thought it would. So I headed over to the Billa, a grocery store and got a big loaf of bread for Continue reading

Piata Mare Sibiu Romania

Piata Mare Sibiu RomaniaThis is Piata Mare in Sibiu, Romania. It is the main square. Sibiu has some history. According to the Official Romanian Tourism web site “During the middle of the 12th century Saxons came to the area from the Luxembourg, Lorraine, Moselle, Rhine and Wallonia regions of northwestern Europe. They called their new home ‘Siebenburgen’ Continue reading