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Me in Mdina Malta

Me in Mdina MaltaI didn’t think it twas any big deal. It was simply listed on the map as Mdina. I thought I’d go see it. I’m glad I did. Sometimes I know that I don’t research as well as I should. I know I didn’t research Malta as well as I should have, I’m just glad I went there.

Mdina is a fortress. It was the original capital of Malta. There is some evidence that Continue reading

Megalithic Temples on Malta

Hypogeum Is Fully BookedI spent the day looking for Megalithic Temples. These are temples that are 3,00 – 5000 years old. Not much is known about them. There are various Megalithic Temples scattered all over the Mediterranean area.

The country of Malta has several temples. The Island of Gozo has one temple, called Ä gantija . This is the one I visited because it is supposed to be the oldest and the largest of the temples on the islands of Malta. Continue reading

Malta Airport

Malta AirportThis is the Welcome Screen for the Malta Airport. I’d like to personally thank the operations team at the airport for giving me free Internet access while I waited for my flight to Sicily. Then, I’d like to ask my fellow citizens in (progressive) Norman, OK, especially our mayor who keeps sending me emails that I never opted into, why we don’t have free, city-wide Internet like they do in Ponca City?

Valletta Malta Harbor

Valletta Malta HarborWhile the city of Valletta boasts a nice looking harbor, the real sea activity for Malta lies elsewhere. Most of the harbor is used for commuting from one side of the harbor to another. The boat docks, the port, and the marinas are located elsewhere on the island. It is a nice looking harbor, though.

At one time it was probably a very active port. The city dates back to the 16th century and was founded by the Knights of Malta as a site for a hospital. It was dedicated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. When I look at the harbor from the ferry landing in Sliema, I really like the view. It’s very picturesque. You can see more images of the Valletta and the harbors in Malta located here.

The Big Squeeze Malta

The Big Squeeze MaltaI hate to admit it but it bothers me. People in Spain, Italy, Greece, and all the other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea simply do not queue. I’m not sure why it bothers me so much but it just does. I think it’s because I hate to have to knock some 80-year-old grandmother off of the bus steps so I can get on… Continue reading

Malta Cathedral

Malta CathedralI attended Mass this morning at the Malta Cathedral. Technically it is the St. Johns Co-Cathedral and it is located in Valletta, Malta. It was built by the Knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578. It’s the first time I have ever been in a co-cathedral to my recollection. Actually, I never knew there was such a thing. Continue reading

I Love Democracy

Andorra MapMalta MapThere are two countries here. The first is Andorra. The significance of Andorra is that it is the 118th country in which I have vacationed. The second is Malta. The significance of Malta is that it is the 119th country in which I have vacationed. Continue reading

Superficial in Malta

Superficial  in MaltaThis is a post that details a reply to a man who replied to one of my Couchsurfing (CS) requests to surf his couch. Apparently, he thought I needed lessons in appropriateness. No problem. I love to learn. But I tend to take advice from people I tend to feel are mentors. His response started with the phrase “a request start with a name” and then went on to tell me “your request is superficial” which I have to agree with. I rarely read CS profiles anymore. My response to him follows. Continue reading